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Oksana & Phillip, married! – 26 September

Alright! I’m so excited to give you all a preview of Oksana & Phillip’s September 17th wedding. What a day! Seriously, it was the perfect weather between two early autumn seasonal breakthroughs: AKA the weather gods gave everybody in the Chicagoland a preview of what cold and wet weather was like. But not on Saturday. […]

Wedding sample: stay tuned!

Hey there everybody! Thanks so much for continuing to check out my most recent work. I’ve been incredibly busy this September – definitely the busiest wedding month in the midwest. It’s a tricky time, though, since weather changes so quickly: 45 at night, sometimes cloudy, rainy, getting cold. But…but…there are the end of summer/beginning of […]

Julie & Dan – Post 3/3 – WEDDING! – 8/27

I only had one obstacle throughout Julie & Dan’s beautiful July wedding day: not getting in the way of their official wedding photographer, Nathaniel Wilder. Although my primary responsibility was to run the photo booth during their reception, I couldn’t help but snapping throughout the day…lots of thanks to Natty and Julie & Dan for […]