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Jim & Lela – 2014 is already awesome

Welcome to 2014: in January I was swept out of Illinois and brought to the 2 costs of America. No kidding! My first wedding of 2014, while Chicago sat in one of it’s coldest winters in history, was in Miami. Miami! Not only was I in Miami, but I was there with some downright awesome […]

Introduction to Summer

It is August, and summer is breathing its final gentle breath of coolness – that is not a temperature of cool, but the overwhelming feeling of attraction. We forget that just a few months ago we were stirring in the late winds of a winter that gripped the Chicago landscape, it wanted us to remember […]

Kelly & Mark // Forever Session

This is Kelly & Mark. She grooms pets, he’s a musician. They love Chicago. This session was taken near a Jimmy John’s that Mark used to work at in Chicago. It’s a rooftop that they both love the view from. The sun was perfect, the night incredible. Thanks for a great evening Kelly & Mark! […]