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Julie & Dan – Post 3/3 – WEDDING! – 8/27

I only had one obstacle throughout Julie & Dan’s beautiful July wedding day: not getting in the way of their official wedding photographer, Nathaniel Wilder. Although my primary responsibility was to run the photo booth during their reception, I couldn’t help but snapping throughout the day…lots of thanks to Natty and Julie & Dan for […]

Julie & Dan – Post 2/3 – REHEARSAL! – 8/23

So Julie & Dan decided to play some soccer the day before their wedding. It was a sort of “let’s warm up by getting sweaty on a huge field with all of our friends” thing. And it worked. The rehearsal and dinner that followed were the less sweaty version of them warming up to their […]

Julie & Dan – Post 1/3 – SOCCER! – 8/22

Julie & Dan’s marriage was far from normal. Seriously, they’re east-coasters who came all the way to Seattle to get married. And they had a crew from all over the world come and see them get married at the famous Seattle Yacht Club (they wanted boats in the background). Did I mention that Julie’s sister […]