Jim & Lela – 2014 is already awesome

Welcome to 2014: in January I was swept out of Illinois and brought to the 2 costs of America. No kidding! My first wedding of 2014, while Chicago sat in one of it’s coldest winters in history, was in Miami. Miami!

Not only was I in Miami, but I was there with some downright awesome people: meet Jim and Lela. They’re your spittin’ image of high school love, except better. She held on for dear life as Jim traveled the world exploring the sparkle in his soul. The man is like a Dos Equis commercial throwing up all over a Banana Republic shopping experience. No stains, either. Can’t visualize that? No worries: he’s awesome, and he knows how to wear his clothes.

Lela is a little sweetheart herself. She’s got a heart of gold. She’s also witty. Like: just when you think Jim is the adventurous one, she’ll throw down and have you convinced that she’s the one who really know’s how to party/adventure/rock-on.

It doesn’t end there. I was also blessed to have the incredible crew of Isle Media Hawaii (with Alan Sangpan and Lester Tabucbuc) bring it all together with their visual storytelling skills via video.

Special thanks to my incredible all-star assistant and photographer Mike Talladen for not dying. He was on the verge of throwing up the entire trip, but I couldn’t’ have asked for a better assistant. We know how to finish our jobs.

Anyway. Welcome to 2014. This year is already awesome.

(Jim and Lela’s rehearsal the night before their wedding at Miami’s Temple House: http://thetemplehouse.com )



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