Introduction to Summer

It is August, and summer is breathing its final gentle breath of coolness – that is not a temperature of cool, but the overwhelming feeling of attraction. We forget that just a few months ago we were stirring in the late winds of a winter that gripped the Chicago landscape, it wanted us to remember every moment of cold we felt this winter.

This has been an exciting season for me – my clients have brought me from Manhattan to Los Angles. I’ve discovered the incredible sensation of North Carolina’s Outer Banks (OBX!) and why people freak out about the doughnuts there. I saw what happens when the power goes out during the dinner of a summer camp wedding in the deep woods of Woodruff, WI., and how incredibly nasty a Quality Inn hotel can really be (I would have rather just brought my tent and sleeping bag to that wedding!) I’ve felt a barn floor rumble and shake as an entire wedding danced away above live chickens and goats. I’ve watched a bride get ready at Madison’s Hilton on a day when 7 other brides got ready at the same hotel, then walked through the Madison streets with her, loaded with tourists flocking the annual Art and Craft fest.

Just a few quick images from these adventures. Enjoy!



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