Winter is here, so are engagements

I’m okay with the hibernation state of the winter season here in Chicago. I’m no okay with the lack of snow this year. I feel for all the kids this winter who are still waiting for that total collapse of the sky in hopes of a winter wonderland. If even for a day.

With the winters, even the tan and dry and shrubby and snow-less ones, come engagements. Lots of engagements! I appreciate the break from a heavy shooting schedule. It allows me to focus on other work, like going to Haiti with Mission 29.2, and incredible non-profit I work with.

But there are also a few precarious souls who actually want a portrait session during the winter. Felicia and Ross are one of those couples. We met at the Panera Bread right on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago on snow-less but cold winter day a few days after Christmas. She was nervous, he was cheeky red with happiness to be with his fiance.

And this is why I love these sessions. They break the ice and we get to spend some time getting to know each other before the wedding.

Thanks for the great afternoon at Millennium Park you two!



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