The other first kiss…

There are two primary components to what I photograph on a wedding day: moments and portraits.

90% of the day are just moments happening right in front of me, and I just wait wait wait and watch throughout the day for these things to pop up. Although easily confused for being a creep, I’m clearly getting paid to do a professional job that simply involves a lot of looking at people. I only have control of about 10% of the moments that happen in front of me, so there’s some pride associated with being able to hunt down and capture something special during the other 90%.

At Tricia & Andrew’s beautiful October wedding in Galena, lots of moments were happening. The morning was a bit slow (everyone needs time to wake up, even on wedding days…), but later in the afternoon that church had some energy in it!

Just after Tricia and Andrew’s ceremony this tiny little ring-bearer just kept posting this sense of adolescent joy all over his face. It was addictive to look at, so I had to keep reminding myself that there were a bride and groom to be photographed, too.

And that’s when this moment happened. I’m not sure if Tricia or the kid started it, but something happened between them – and RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GROOM!!! OK, which of them started it doesn’t really matter. But you have to admit – this is an adorable moment.

Happy holidays everyone! More posts to come before 2012 ends…

And if you’ve not read it yet, another great post on moments right here (if you love your father, you’re gonna love this one).


Wedding location: Galena, IL.
Church: St. Michael Church on South Bench Street
Reception: Chestnut Mountain Resort & Lodge


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