2012 – and that’s a wrap! (Katie & Bill got married, too!)

I’m so glad to be back on this blog. Since June of this year when I opened the season with a triple wedding weekend on June 8, 9 and 10 – spread between the west Chicago burbs, Detroit and downtown Chicago, I’ve been non-stop.

I’ve had exactly 2 free Saturdays between June 1st and November 3rd. I’ve had only 1 weekend completely free of work (sadly, it’s because a bride had to change her wedding date).

But this year has ended so sweetly. Let me introduce to you Katie & Bill.

I won’t go to much into who they are, but I will tell you the most precious moment of their entire wedding (to me). At the end of the night I got a few moments to speak with Katie’s father. I expressed to him how clearly I could see the love he had for his daughter. Rather than replying, his face just got all blushed up and red. It was beyond cute. It was precious.

What I have learned about myself in the past year of photographing weddings is this: beyond a perfect photo session, incredible weather, a wonderful relationship obviously formed by God or something profoundly loving – what I simply adore the most about a wedding day is an honest, heart-pounding father-daughter first dance.

There are few times I cry in public, but each time a father holds his daughter on the dance floor on the day he’s meant to let go responsibility of her once and for all, and you can see that each and every step counts in these final minutes, and that he holds her like he did when she was only 3 months old, I cry. I sob straight through the entire dance with my camera up to my face clicking, clicking, capturing.

I’m not embarrassed of this one bit.

I think at the core of what I do as a wedding photographer, besides all the ridiculous people I meet, the close encounters of selfishness and ignorance within the wedding industry, I really do learn how to become a better husband, a future father, a lover, each time I witness it honestly happening on the other side of the lens…

And this is what I’m most grateful for today.


Wedding location: Milwaukee
Church: Gesu Church, Marquette University
Reception: Marcus Center for the Performing Arts


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