Photo booths rock: they give all your guests the opportunity to goof off with their friends or partners and grab some funny photographs of themselves during the reception. They also give the photographer time to focus on what you’ve hired them for: photographing the bride and groom celebrating their special day.

I’m often asked if I’d be willing to photograph all the guests during the reception at their tables, but those images aren’t that flattering – and here’s why: a) tables full of half-eaten food are just ugly for photographs b) table centerpieces always get in the way, and finally c) I’d rather focus my attention on you!

So I’ve come up with the FUNBOOTH. It’s a bit different than a photobooth. Here’s what you’re looking at:

a) The “booth” is not enclosed – it’s open air (see the pictures above). I’ve discovered that guests actually have MORE fun with this, because everyone in line and around the backdrop interacts/laughs/has fun with the people who are being photographed

b) I don’t offer onsite printing. This is usually why photobooths cost so much – printers can be a hassle. Rather what I do is I print “url cards” with your wedding date, your names, and an image of you on it. On the card is a URL to your own unique webspace where your guests can download and print images. The best part? They’re up and online by 9AM the day after your wedding! So it’s quick, and everyone is looking forward to this the next morning.

c) You get to chose your own accessories. This is how I do it: I ask you and your fiance to fill up a large suitcase with accessories that are unique to YOUR wedding (mustaches? large picture frames? chalk-boards?) This way it’s not cookie cutter – the fun accessories match your wedding theme!

Photo Booth Pricing:

So what do you get for $600? You get a stylized backdrop of your choice, a fun friend of mine to setup and manage the Funbooth for 3 hours of your reception, and online hosting of your images by the next morning of your wedding.

These Funbooths are a stylized, cheaper alternative to print photobooths.

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