Alexander & Lauren ENGAGED @ Leadville

I photograph a lot of sessions and weddings in the Midwest. And God bless that place – there are a lot of people and a lot of opportunities to photograph. But sometimes I itch for a session like this one. Alexander & Lauren are one-of-a-kind. They live in Colorado Springs, CO., and I happened to be spending a few months up in the mountains, living in a small town called Buena Vista.

After a 3 hour session in near Twin Lakes & Leadville, way up in the Colorado Rockies, they asked to take my wife and I out to dinner. So the 3 hour session turned into a 6 hour evening getting to know each other. I love this stuff.

What did I learn? Lauren, for the life of her, cannot not smile. That means she can only smile. Maybe it’s how much she is in love with Alexander. We tried, many times, to get a straight face on her without much success. Alexander not only looks like Captain America, he is just as cool, respectful, but not as serious. Except for when he is serious. He is a world traveler, and lives with a great sense of curiosity. They both work with the government. They are both awesome.

Kudos for another great couple in love. Can’t wait for your wedding this autumn at the Lisle’s own Morton Arboretum.


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