Brooke & Stu // engaged!

I really love how Brooke & Stu’s engagement session turned out, and their session stands as a perfect example of why it’s important to just go with it: remember to be yourself when it comes to your wedding!

Brooke shares a lot of the same qualities of a lot of brides I speak with: she wanted to get dressed up, get her makeup done, and go to a beautiful location for her engagement session. And she did all of those things. I’ve done a TON of sessions just like that, and the photos turn out great.

But what I love about Brooke and Stu is that they were OK with trying a few different things.

On the way to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, I noticed some nice background material on Fullerton Parkway. When we all arrived to the Conservatory I asked them what they thought of taking a walk down the parkway to warm up to photographs. They also had their dog, Piper, with them, so it was a good way to get her warmed up to photographs.

We spent some time playing around with the nice brick at a local Presbyterian church, encountered some friendly police officers, and that’s when Brook told me something to the sort of, “You know, Ben, this is actually more like Stu and I on any normal day – I like this, just walking around the city streets. It’s more like who we are.”

Bingo! That’s all I’m looking for! It was so great to hear Brooke tell me this, because it was honest about what they do together.

So just remember – don’t get too caught up in what’s “cool” or good-looking or EPIC when it comes to your wedding and photographs – just think about the mundane, everyday things YOU do as a couple. I’ll help you make those everyday bits of you become something special for you to look at when your old and married 😉

Stay tuned for some neato Colorado engagement session photos coming up!


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