Rachel & Gary Engaged! – 10/7

[A pre-note: we created these photographs a few weeks ago when the leaves had not turned yet. I had a blast looking back at this day: their energy, their love, and the beautiful location, the Morton Arboretum]

You know, I really appreciate my couples, and what I mean by my couples is this: they’ve found me, and there’s something really unique about that.

I used to work with a photography studio and I never really felt at sync with the couples who were booked with me, and I think it’s because there was a level of interaction that was completely missed by working through a big name studio.

What I most appreciate about running my own studio is that I’m working with a style that a certain kind of couple love and connect with. And because of that, the entire experience is just more harmonious. And that is just how I feel with Rachel and Gary.

Rachel and Gary genuinely love one another as well, and it’s so obvious in the photos I created with them. I didn’t even ask them to do much, “just walk in that light right there,” and they would just do the rest. I was there to capture their wonderful moments together.

By the end of the session (about an hour and 20 minutes) Gary was grabbing hold of Rachel’s hand and running through fields of grass with her. He was lifting her up and just being a man in love. What a wonderful thing, too. Not even the prickly weeds hidden in the knee deep grass stopped them from showing their love. They just laughed through it, Gary lifted Rachel and he walked her through all the nasty pricklies. You know, that’s a beautiful thing. And I have no doubt that he’ll continue to do it throughout the engagement and into their marriage.

The pictures speak for themselves. Less than a week before I brought Gary and Rachel to the Morton Arboretum, I had photographed a wedding there. When I brought up the idea to photograph their engagement session there, this is the text I got from Rachel: “Hey Ben! Sorry, I’m at work .. Crazy you say Morton because I was thinking that would be a great place as well! .. What time you thinking?”

And that’s just how it goes: it just works out. Thanks so much for booking with me, Rachel and Gary. I can’t wait to be there on your wedding day!


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