Oksana & Phillip, married! – 26 September

Alright! I’m so excited to give you all a preview of Oksana & Phillip’s September 17th wedding. What a day! Seriously, it was the perfect weather between two early autumn seasonal breakthroughs: AKA the weather gods gave everybody in the Chicagoland a preview of what cold and wet weather was like. But not on Saturday. Perched between two gray days, Oksana & Phillip got married under rays of sun and a dramatic white clouded day.

I’ve actually known Oksana for a long time now, and she’s been a fan of my earliest photography (go for her, we’re talkin’ photos of flowers, boys with guitars, and bad black and white conversions). Regardless, after a fall-through with her first attempt to find a wedding photographer, she came straight to me with everything she wanted.

And Oksana knows exactly what she wants. She was such a great bride to work with because she had put the entire day into the perspective of how to get great photographs, while being relaxed. Before her sunset ceremony, we had an hour to play around at Lisle’s Morton Arboretum. The two hours before sunset are the best time to get some really beautiful light for photographing.

In fact, when we first arrived at the Morton for family photographs, an early afternoon wedding was departing. The thing with outdoor noon-4pm’ish weddings is the sunlight is stark and sharp and hard to work with. Of course, photographers know how to handle it and do a great job, but it’s just a nice little perk to be able to photograph in the outdoors just before sunset. It just makes us a little bit excited for what we’re doing.

Thanks for checking out their wonderful wedding day!

I’m off to DC for the next week to work through some video work. Next up: month of the engagement sessions. Seriously. I have about 5 engagement sessions setup for the wonderful autumn colors we’re about to be blessed with. Let’s see what comes from it!


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