Meeting another wedding photographer – 9/10

So for the last year I’ve been photographing with a studio up in Algonquin, Illinois called Cornerstone Photography. It’s been a great year of photographing, and I’ve meant to showcase some of my images from the weddings I’ve photographed for them.

So I’d like to continue doing this, especially since I’m pumping out some of my favorite work these days. Anyway, here’s a few images from last weekend. What a cool couple: Eric & Ivory are a pair of hip, chilled out, artistic souls. I feel really blessed to have met them. Eric actually dabbles around with wedding photography himself, and I found it pretty ironic that NOBODY told me this prior to our first meeting. So when I showed up to Eric and Ivory’s bright and beautiful house to take some engagement photos of them, it went a little something like this:

Ben: Hey guys! Great to meet you! [Looking around, sees a TON of great photo prints all over their walls.] Heya, so, great photos.

Ivory: Yeah, Eric and I play around with cameras a bit. In fact, Eric has photographed a few weddings.

Ben: [thinking – totally thinking – OH SHIT. Oh shit. Oh. Shit?! Just keep your cool. Wedding photographers exist everywhere. This isn’t out of your breadth.]


Anyway, they’re definitely not the intimidating artistic type, and thankfully for that they got some great images during their wedding day.

Now the entire morning was beautiful, warm, bright and shiny. But what happens like 30 minutes before we run outside for photographs? All the way from the west, a dark and tumbling sky and bits of lighting. Unfortunately the sunset light we were looking for on top of Chicago’s wonderful Salvage One wasn’t there. But you know what was there? A beautiful, moody, gripping and dramatic skyline of our wonderful city. And look how well Eric and Ivory fit into it.

Anyway, have a great weekend!


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