Photo Booths! – 9/4

Photo booths rock: they give all your guests the opportunity to goof off with their friends or partners and grab some funny photographs of themselves during the reception. They also give me the time to focus on what I’m really good at: photographing the bride and groom celebrating.

I’m often asked if I’d be willing to photograph all the guests at the tables or during the reception, and in the past I’ve always been willing – but reluctantly. And here’s why: a) tables full of half-eaten food are just ugly for photographs b) table centerpieces always get in the way, and finally c) so I can focus my attention on you.

Wedding guests love photo booths: they don’t need to worry about a photographer bombarding them during their meal, and they can get photographs of themselves anytime during the reception.

Photo Booth Pricing:

So what do you get for $600? You get a single booth, a few fun props, and a cool friend of mine who will run the booth for the evening. Add on-site printing for another $200. For another $200 you can get yourself a custom-made photo-booth album at the end of the night to take home with you! All your friends can post their photographs and write a message in the album for you.

It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve seen these booths selling for the upwards of $2000 a night. To make it easy on you I’ve decided to make it an option to add on to your package at a reasonable price.

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Have a great Sunday!


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