Julie & Dan – Post 3/3 – WEDDING! – 8/27

I only had one obstacle throughout Julie & Dan’s beautiful July wedding day: not getting in the way of their official wedding photographer, Nathaniel Wilder. Although my primary responsibility was to run the photo booth during their reception, I couldn’t help but snapping throughout the day…lots of thanks to Natty and Julie & Dan for letting me grab some candids throughout their special day. So…..

Finally! Here’s a larger selection of images for your eyes and minds to feast on this weekend – Julie & Dan’s wedding day. I’ve spoken about their gigantically friendly soccer game and the rehearsal dinner that followed. Of course they got married the day after!

So feast on this scrumptious, Seattle Yacht Club wedding, bathed in the golden setting sunlight of a beautiful July 10th.

Have a great weekend everybody! I’m off to northern Michigan, to spend this lovely 1st-year-anniversary weekend with my wife on the dunes (she’s looking forward to the hot tub).


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