Julie & Dan – Post 2/3 – REHEARSAL! – 8/23

So Julie & Dan decided to play some soccer the day before their wedding. It was a sort of “let’s warm up by getting sweaty on a huge field with all of our friends” thing. And it worked.

The rehearsal and dinner that followed were the less sweaty version of them warming up to their wedding day. Good thing for them, it worked too.

I spoke a ton about Julie & Dan and how great it was to head to the west coast for them here, so I’m just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves on this one…

Oh, but one thing: Dan’s side of the family is a bit off-beat, in a wonderful way, I promise. One of the family traditions is dumping the groom into Lake Washington the night before the wedding. Dan wasn’t particularly looking forward to this (just…see…the photos), but man, were his friends ever! (I’m just going to point to the fact that Dan is smiling in the last two photos. That must mean his dad knew something good was to come out of this).

Thanks for being a sport Dan. At least we got photos of it so you get to re-live the moment forEVER. 😉

Be in touch for part 3 – their WEDDING DAY!!!


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