Julie & Dan – Post 1/3 – SOCCER! – 8/22

Julie & Dan’s marriage was far from normal. Seriously, they’re east-coasters who came all the way to Seattle to get married. And they had a crew from all over the world come and see them get married at the famous Seattle Yacht Club (they wanted boats in the background). Did I mention that Julie’s sister had gotten married just a week before…on the other side of the country? What a family. What a family! But today I’m just going to show you a small bit of the wedding. They invited some of their best buds – a lot of them – to spend a Saturday morning at a local high school field playing a soccer tournament. They had it all: team shirts, colors, fan hands, FANS. It was hot, it was sweaty. It was a blast. And best of all, it was a pre-game for their wedding.

I actually feel really fortunate to have been invited to (second) photograph their wedding. It goes a little like this: while I was working out in beautiful Buena Vista, CO. at an outdoor center I spent a lot of time with my good friend Adrian Dahlin. Adrian went to Tufts, and while he was there he met both Julie & Dan (before the two had even dated!) Adrian is the guy who introduced Julie and I in the first place. I really met Julie right here (look down), while I was in India and persistently posting about my experience there. She’s a designer, a photographer, (many other things, too) and just plain in-tune with the harmonics of things pleasant to look at. Anyway, years after India, Adrian reconnected us as Julie & Dan were looking for a second photographer for their wedding.

So, why a second photographer? Isn’t one enough? Kind of. This is when you get into the nitty grit of how a wedding day – or days in Julie’s case – look like. It’s the schedule thing, and any bride planning her wedding knows all about this. With Julie & Dan, they had a few things planned the day before the wedding, and their hired photographer – an incredible photographer named Nathaniel Wilder – happened to be photographing a wedding the night before…in Alaska. There’s no way he was going to be able to make it for their Soccer Tournament.

Wha?! Yeah, soccer at a wedding. I was pretty excited too. I really only had 3 tasks over the 2 days I was photographing Julie & Dan’s wedding: photograph some soccer, photograph their rehearsal dinner evening, and run a photo booth at the wedding (they were cool enough to let me photograph the entire wedding day, too).

So here you are kiddos. Event number one of Julie & Dan’s wedding. I gotta thank them so much for getting me out to the west coast, where I got to explore the incredible coastline highway, spend some time with good friends, and create some fun images in Seattle.

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3!



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