Still workin’ on it… 8/19

So just wanted to send a quick “sorry” to anyone who has been checking out my site recently. I rushed to get it up and going by August 15th after finishing up a massive video project up in northern Michigan (now named America’s most beautiful place…haha yes! So true!), and not everything is completely done with it.

If you come across a link that leads you back to the front page, or some kind of totally worthless, void-of-interesting-images-or-information page, then my apologies, again. It’s all coming together, and if you need the information then you just give me a call and get it from me right now!

And for all your trouble, I present you a photo of beautiful northern Michigan from my “Days of Summer” series:

Fourth of July, 2008, The Sandbowl, near Pyramid Point.

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