Steph & Patrick, engaged! – 8/12

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It’s never really completely comfortable to whip out my camera and begin photographing couples I’ve only met once.

When I first met Steph & Patrick together, we all convened at an oasis over I-90, just outside of Chicago. They live in Madison, Wisconsin, but their wedding will be celebrated just outside of Detroit, Michigan near some barns and fields. They’re bringing me all over my favorite places to photograph them – anywhere outside of Illinois, and everywhere over the farmland layers of the midwest. It’s great, and I love it!

And this couple have the right attitude. For hours before I arrived to their engagement session, dark storm clouds whistled beside the northwest edge of Madison, and so none of us knew the weather we would run into.

But they hunkered down and did the best thing ever: they just went with it. And the photographs turned out great. Steph & Patrick were super easy to work with. And it’s so easy to see their love for one another. It’s how they looked at each other, how Steph would bury her forehead between Patrick’s shoulder and neck, and how Patrick leaned over to gently kiss that forehead. They’re just naturals.

Here’s why rain, unless it’s a torrential downpour on the verge of drowning breathing, walking beings such as ourselves, is mostly beautiful: it’s dramatic. It mellows the incredibly hot and sharp sunlight. The moisture makes colors pop. It smells good. It’s just all good, really. Never get down if you see/feel/hear rain!

We had originally planed on buzzing around the capital with their two little scooters, but that was out of the question with the intermittent downpours. So we drove around the university campus and found what we could.

But sure enough, after a few hours the rain clouds just faded away and the sun decided to shine through.

Thanks you two!

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